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This is a Book
Code: 760323836
Author: Keith Martin
Source: BooksProject4
Type: Book
ISBN: 760323836
Price: $34.99
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Original Ferrari V12 1965-1973

Collecting Alfa Romeo Nobody knows Alfa Romeo like the people at Sports Car Market, especially Keith Martin, who started the magazine as Alfa Romeo Market Letter almost 20 years ago. This book brings together the magazine's best articles on Alfas over the years giving detailed coverage of every car from the four-door 164s of the 90s to the Spiders of the 50s and 60s to the earliest pre-war 6C and 8C classics; from Giulias, Giuliettas, Duettos, Sprints, Zagatos, and more. Here aficionados and curious amateurs alike will find a full slate of insider information (why, for instance, is one GTV a good deal at $30,000, and another a horrible buy at $10,000?), in-person reviews of Alfas that have actually sold at auction, and exactly what the SCM experts think of the prices they brought.


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