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This is a Book
Code: 1845840877
Author: Bryan Purves & Tim Brenchley
Source: BooksProject4
Type: Book
ISBN: 1845840877
Price: $89.99
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The last working Minis the legend The Mini, the car of the 20th Century and still in motorsport in 1997, 35 years after its 1st event. This book sets out to complete the untold recent history of the mighty "works Mini" in international motorsport. How the Mini came to be in Monte Carlo and at the famous Nurburgring battling with the giant teams such as Fiat and Citroen. Of how different manufacturers where building "works" cars on either side of Birmingham but not knowing the other existed. It tells the story of cars developed from 1994 up to the last group A cars of 1997, with fuel injection and six speed sequential gearboxes.


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