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This is a Book
Code: 9780760324103
Specs: Format: Hardbound Pages: 176 Length: 8.25w x 10.625h
Author: Jesse Crosse
Source: CarpricornMBI
Type: Book
ISBN: 9780760324103
Price: $39.95
Dispatched within 3 days

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Cars in Films
The Greatest Movie Car Chases of All Time “By itself, the list of the 20 greatest car chases of all time makes this book worth the money.” - Road & Track “Once you read this very entertaining book, you will risk your ability to suspend disbelief the next time you watch a movie car chase. Of course, after trying to cross town (any town) in a hurry, you already know that without a great deal of help, Frank Bullitt and the likes of Popeye Doyle would have been dead or severely injured in the first minutes of their famous chases. This book gives some reasons they weren’t.” - The New York Times “Cut to the chase,” we say when we’re ready for the payoff—and this book does exactly that. Beginning with the pacesetting automotive pyrotechnics first brought to the screen in Bullitt, Jesse Crosse shows us the world’s great filmmakers following suit—stretching creative talents, technology, budgets, and sometimes credibility to create the most amazing car chase sequences ever filmed.

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