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This is a Book
Code: 9781557880826
Specs: Soft binding
Author: Don Taylor & Larry Hofer
Source: Renniks
Type: Book
Price: $34.95
Dispatched within 3 days

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PAINT & BODY HANDBOOK Hands-on auto body repair and paint! In this newly revised and updated edition, over 450 illustrations and easy-to-read text explain how to repair dents and rust, replace panels, repair aluminium and fibreglass, perform sectioning, use lead and plastic filler, weld patches and panels, shape sheet metal, perform spot repairs and colour matching, prepare the surface for final paint, choose paint supplies and equipment and apply top coats, graphics and pinstripes.

You'll also find the latest info on bodyworking tools, environmental regulations, and current paint equipment, techniques and products. A full-colour troubleshooting guide helps you avoid or correct final paint problems like blistering, blushing, bleeding, checking or orange peel. Whether you're a pro or amateur, repairing a small ding or stripping down and restoring an entire car, you'll find the Paint & Body Handbook to be the most complete, hands-on auto body resource available!

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