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Product Details
Manufacturer: Apex
Code: AD80606
Type: Collectible
Specs: Year: 2012, Scale: 1:18
Price: $229.00
Dispatched within 3 days

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RRP $240 OUR DISCOUNT PRICE $229 MODEL CLUB MEMBER PRICE $219. Become a MODEL CLUB MEMBER [you get a great discount after buying just 6 x 1:18 models, and you get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to JUST HOLDENS MAGAZINE!

FPV has created an agile GT Falcon in the GT RSPEC which is far better able to make use of its monstrous power. Part of the reason this car is so different are the tyres, which are now one inch wider (nine inches) – 275/35 19-inch Dunlop Sports Maxx and the suspension changes are even more important. There is also the simple launch control system, all of which helps this Falcon set some pretty bloody good 0-100km/h times.

With the introduction of the BF series, FPV introduced the "R-spec" in limited numbers. The biggest upgrade comprised new suspension dampers supplied by Delphi, which provided better steering feel, turn-in and response without compromising general road comfort. FPV also added a higher capacity oil cooler to automatic transmission models to cater for track use. This upgraded handling package was tested by legendary Australian racing identity John Bowe, who was able to cut 3 seconds a lap over the normal models at Winton Raceway.

In total, 175 units were built painted Silhouette black with red accents and a "C" stripe down each side.


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