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Product Details
Manufacturer: Mike Harbar
Code: MH-PANLEG-01
Type: Poster or Sign
Specs: 297mm high, 950mm wide
Foreward: Illustrated and signed by Mike Harbar. Sent rolled in a tube.
Price: $220.00
Dispatched within 3 days

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PANORAMA OF LEGENDS BATHURST PRINT The Who's Who of Australian racing heroes, they're all here! Literally every big name in our history is pictured here; Brock, Moffat, Jane, Johnson, Beechey, Firth and many many more! Not to mention the cars: Monaro, XU-1, GTHO Phase 3, Camaro 427, A9X, HT GTS 350, EH S4, Trans Am Mustang, XR GT, XC Hardtop and more. This is an unbelievable work of art, such detail and large size almost 1 metre/ 3 feet wide!. Your friends will be breathless when they see this on your wall, and you will stare at it for hours! To cap it off, this print is actually personally autographed by the artist, Mike Harbar.

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