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Product Details
Manufacturer: Bowden's Own
Code: BOWM
Type: Car Care Item
Specs: 1 Mitt
Foreward: Use only the finest products on your own pride and joy.
Price: $17.99
Dispatched within 3 days

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Bowden’s Own Ultra Microfibre Hand Car Wash Mitt Sponges and some wash mitts are the reason for most scratches on cars paint, small particles get caught in the weave and scratch the duco everytime they are used. The solution is to use ultra microfibre so it is super soft and absorbent, but uses a very short nap weave, to minimise particles get caught up in it. Being ultra microfibre it saves time washing, with cleaning power as good as you will ever get. Easy to look after, at the end of each wash just backflush with a hose in the glove, but can be washed if required.

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