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Product Details
Manufacturer: Sundry
Code: SUN-HK-BTrim
Type: Accessory
Specs: The answer to your prayers for a 100% accurate HK GTS full width boot trim. Hand made and a perfectly replica of the original shape, dimensions and profile. Australian made!
Foreward: Covers a range of the motorsporting legends!
Price: $480.00
Dispatched within 3 days

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Peter Brock Motorsport Legends magazine was launched in February 2008 and is the only magazine in Aus totally devoted to motor racing nostalgia from all eras and every category of historic racing. On the following pages are motorsport legends readers’ favourite articles from the first four editions. These articles are a collection of stories on the people who shaped Australian motorsport – people like peter Brock, Jack Brabham, Jim Richards and John Bowe. Featured in the best of motorsport legends are articles on the cars that made the history of Australian motor racing – cars that display true Aussie engineering ingenuity, like Bryan Thomson’s V8-powered Volkswagen and Bowe’s Veskanda sport scar. The book also includes tales that created the folklore of Australia’s greatest race, the Bathurst 1000, such as the yarn of how the minis took on all-comers and won, and the story of how Brock tamed the mount panorama circuit in a Holden Torana XU-1.


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