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Manufacturer: Motormania
Code: MM-JH16
Type: Magazine
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Just Holdens Magazine Issue 16

Our special BATHURST COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE showcases Holden’s rich heritage of racing at Bathurst plus loads of other features that you’ll love.

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New Zealand customers:
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Back issues can be purchased but attract a A$25 surcharge due to the prohibitive international postage costs.

A HQ GTS 350 coupe, all genuine, all original. In white it makes for a very interesting car – as distinct from the wild, brightly coloured machines that owners usually ordered their musclecars in.

A triple treat of torrid Toranas; a genuine A9X hatchback hillclimb state champion.

The Readers’ Cars section has some very interesting road-driven cars such as tribute cars to Brocky’s VK Big Banger and HDT A9X plus a restored EH Premier with matching caravan.

2013 was Bathurst’s 50th year and also the last Holden versus Ford duel as we know it. Both companies wanted to win this one – and of course Holden did! With numerous cars wearing retro paint schemes the big crowd favourite was Craig Lowndes’ Brocky Marlboro HDT tribute. We interviewed Lowndesy on what it was like for him to “walk in the King’s shoes”; a great read.

This has to be one of the most interesting stories in a long time. Back in 1953 a trio of intrepid Aussies sent their FX Holden off to Europe and competed in the toughest test of production cars at that time, the Monte Carlo Rally. Leap forward 60 years and a determined country Victorian has faithfully recreated that car and sent it off to Europe to compete in the 2013 Monte Carlo Rally. A great yarn in itself but made even more so with the drivers involved; then and now. The original drivers included the grandfather of two current day V8 Supercar drivers, and the father of one of our two Formula One World Champions (Allan Jones) plus a decorated World War Two fighter Ace. Amongst today’s trio is Craig Lowndes. Heavily featuring lots of marvellous historic photos and images, also included is the actual story written at the time of how the original chaps fared.


A special 50 Years Of Bathurst celebration feature with every Holden champion; photos, race results and golden memories of each of the 29 years that Holdens conquered the mountain.
All of Holden’s mega stars and mega cars are there; Brock, Harvey, Bond, Perkins, Lowndes, Tander and more plus Monaros, Toranas and Commodores. A feature story like no other.

A double page photo feature from the GM-H archives. This time of a fascinating photo of a HD ute on the production line in Holden’s Dandenong assembly plant.

A historic extract from a GM-H internal magazine. This time its a double page feature to educate Holden salesmen on better ways to improve their sales.

Our famous giant double-sided wallposters are here too. This time is a matching pair of Chevy powered all original muscle; HK GTS 327 in Warwick Yellow and the white HQ GTS 350 coupe from the feature story.



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