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Product Details
Manufacturer: Motormania
Code: MM-JH20
Type: Magazine
Specs: 100 pages. Full colour
Foreward: The only magazine for ALL Holden enthusiasts!
Price: $7.62
Dispatched within 3 days

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• Peter Brock & HQ GTS centrespread poster

• The man who designed the first Holden

• An original Holden magazine story from 1965 about how the Holden factories kept up with moving raw materials around within their plants.

JUST HOLDENS is the only magazine exclusively dedicated to the golden years of 1948 to 1988 – the only magazine for all Holden enthusiasts!


NOTE: $7.62 price of the magazine is discounted from the amount shown on the front cover of $9.50 - this is to allow for $1.88 processing charge that is automatically added at Checkout. So the total price you pay for the magazine posted to you is $9.50.-This is the price that is shown on the front cover and the price charged by newsagents.

A subscription to this great magazine is a must for any Holden enthusiast of any age - THE PERFECT GIFT! A subscription is for 8 issues. Magazine is produced quarterly - almost one and a half years! CLICK THE THUMBNAILS BELOW TO SEE LARGER IMAGES OF THIS ITEM


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