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Product Details
Manufacturer: Motormania
Code: MM-JH31
Type: Magazine
Specs: 100 pages. Full colour
Foreward: The only magazine for ALL Holden enthusiasts!
Price: $8.02
Dispatched within 3 days

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Just Holdens TORANA A9X 1979 - Special Collectors' Issue

JUST HOLDENS Issue 31 LUXURY HOLDENS EDITION GMH has a long history of excellent luxury cars which offered the best luxury appointments of their day at affordable prices with trademark Holden reliability. This is a special edition magazine to showcase GMH's magnificent luxury machines - Brougham, Statesman, LS Monaro + awesome centrespread poster HQ STATEMAN De Ville.

-The LUXURY HOLDENS A mega feature commemorating GMH's full scale assault on the luxury car market, the HQ STATESMAN De Ville and HQ LS MONARO (this one's also a genuine 350) + a look at the HK BROUGHAM and HX LE Coupe. Magnificent photo shoots, genuine GMH brochures, secret GMH designs never released and much more.

LJ TORANA GTR, the actual first LJ body built. Not only is this little LJ officially tagged as Body No.#1, it is also the actual GTR featured in some of the most famous GMH promotional brochures of all time, and it was also used in a limited edition Australia Post stamp series, and, commemorative coin by the Australian Mint - blimey, talk about a significant car!

FAREWELL TO THE AUSSIE HSV - Another historic moment in our history - the last day of HSV production and the last ever HSV car produced.

HSV FACTORY TOUR - We were given exclusive access to the HSV factory to view the last days of Aussie production of these world class high performance cars - these are the last ever photos from inside HSV before this factory was totally closed and moved elsewhere.

100 YEARS OF HOLDEN - Holden goes to war 1939. Arguably the most important thing GMH has done for this nation - mass production of military equipment in World War II. You will be amazed when you learn about the aeroplanes, aircraft engines, cannons, boats, bombs, torpedoes, rope, trailers and more - all made by GMH to save this country. Dozens of secret photos never printed before.

EXPORT HOLDENS - GMH exports were really hitting high gear in the early 1960s. Holden's legendary toughness made them ideal for other harsh continents such as Africa, so jump in and come for a look.


Another section of photos and stories from within GMH's factories; see torque converter manufacturing and HD assembly lines in the Dandenong Plant. Plus, Toranas getting built in the Elizabeth factory.

There's no other magazine like JUST HOLDENS MAGAZINE

Preserving The History - Honouring The Heritage


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