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Manufacturer: Motormania
Code: MM-JH35
Type: Magazine
Foreward: 100 pages. Full colour
Price: $8.92
Dispatched within 3 days

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JUST HOLDENS Issue 35 - AUSSIE HERO - Last of the great Aussie Holdens - the best! JUST HOLDENS Issue 35 celebrates the grand finale to the traditional Aussie Holden – the end of the great Kingswood era – with a 40th anniversary of the HZ series.

* HZ GTS 40th Anniversary

* Holden Cop Cars

* Fishermen’s Bend 80-year Tribute

* HDT Team Bus Restoration

* VZ Series II SS 6-Litre

* SANDMAN Poster!

* EK Holden 1960 in Africa

* Plus more historic photos and more!

HZ SERIES 40th ANNIVERSARY: The HZ series was equipped with the famed Radial Tuned Suspension (RTS) which made it the best handling and performing Holden of all time too.

Our bumper HZ feature story is headlined with the GTS, a wonderful send off to the four-door sports sedan. The whole HZ range is included with reproductions of the actual, genuine GM-H promotional brochures; Kingswood, Premier, Statesman, One-tonner, ute and…Sandman!

HZ SPECIFICATIONS; a full list of all vehicle specifications across the whole range.

HZ GTS CODES; all the exterior colours and interior trim combinations.

FISHERMEN’S BEND Tribute: a mega-feature commemorating the mighty manufacturing complex that was GM-H’s symbolic heart. Now entirely demolished it is still head office and design and engineering centre but the glory days of Australia’s greatest industrial icon are recorded with 51 fantastic historic phots from within the plant right across all the decades from its construction in 1936 to demolition in 2018. The production lines, the engine foundry, the Design Centre and more.

HOLDEN DEALER TEAM BUS Restoration: the legendary HDT owned the racetracks in the 1970s as it rose to dominate Australian motor sports. Holden was also a leader in race track corporate hospitality with it famous double-decker London bus. Incredibly, the worn out hulk was rediscovered in 2018 by Peter Champion, the current-day owner of the HDT Special Vehicles business. He fully restored it and took it to Bathurst! Our story shows this icons reconstruction back to its former glory.

HOLDEN COP CARS – Highway Stars! Very few errant drivers could ever escape the clutches of the law when they were saddled into a Holden. This feature looks through the decades with great historic photos and shots from TV shows! VZ SS II 6-Litre: one of the rarer versions of the legendary SS Commodore, a late VZ version fitted with the 6-Litre engine intended for release with VE. This one is an ex-cop car with full documented Police life history.

TOURING CAR MASTERS: Torana is at the front of the pack again in this super popular motor racing category in the hands of the series’ winningest driver, John Bowe. We look at how the BENDIGO RETRO RESTORATIONS Team have set themselves up for this season’s championship shot with their SL/R 5000 and HQ GTS-4.


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