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Product Details
Manufacturer: Motormania
Code: MM-JH37
Type: Magazine
Specs: 100 pages. Full colour
Foreward: The only magazine for ALL Holden enthusiasts!
Price: $10.52
Dispatched within 3 days

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Free Postage anywhere in Australia

WITH GIANT TRIPLE-FOLD Poster of actual GM-H Engineering Diagram of the HQ Holden

* 40TH Anniversaries of Brock’s great victories ever – the 1979 double!

* Bathurst 1979 – the most dominant win of all time.

* Repco Round Australia Trial – the toughest motor sports event ever; 20,000kms in 14 days

* 50th Anniversary of the GTR TORANA with the real story, from within Holden, of how the second generation of the adapted Vauxhall became fitted with Holden’s legendary red motor

* With secret 1969 design concepts

* Colour charts and lots of authentic GM-H brochures and advertisements

Plus an insight of what Holden should have replaced the Aussie Commodore with

* Holden’s Supercar future – not on the racetrack – maybe in a showroom near you

We travelled to America to look at GM’s range and came back convinced, how about this…

* Plus an expose of the new 2020 Corvette with secret photos from Detroit

And the GM-H archive photos we’re famous for – from within GM-H’s factories in the 1920s & ‘60s

* With a huge triple-fold poster official GM-H Engineering Diagram of the HQ Holden


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