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Product Details
Manufacturer: Motormania
Code: MM-JH40
Type: Magazine
Specs: 100 pages. Full colour
Foreward: The only magazine for ALL Holden enthusiasts!
Price: $10.92
Dispatched within 3 days

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JUST HOLDENS #40 - Million Dollar Holdens + Brock's HDT VC Commodores + Pagewood Tribute Skyrocketting prices: our Hints, Tips and Predictions

+ BROCK’S “DIRTY DOZEN” HDT VC Commodores at the Australian GRAND PRIX!.

We look at the rising, and skyrocketing, values of many Holdens. Have you got one in your garage?

We make our predictions of what it takes to be a million dollar Holden, what will the next one be?

• With a giant SANDMAN FULL COLOUR TRIBUTE fold out Inside Front Cover, approximately 600mm wide / 2-feet!

• Over 25 historical GM-H photos from inside the factories.

• Brock’s HDT GRAND PRIX BRAWL. The HDT SPECIAL VEHICLES company launched itself in a big way at the 1980 Australian Grand Prix with a special race for their new VC HDT’s – THE RACE OF CHAMPIONS. We tell you what it was all about + interviews with competing drivers JIM RICHARDS and event winner JOHN BOWE.

• MILLION DOLLAR HOLDENS – why have some Holdens been hitting this magic mark?

• THE NEXT HOLDENS TO COLLECT – here’s our advice on what you should buy – while they’re still (relatively!) affordable.

> There is no other mag like JUST HOLDENS! A must for all Holden enthusiasts - the IDEAL GIFT!

• GM-H PAGEWOOD (NSW) FACTORY DEMOLISHED – once of Holden's jewels in its crown and very important industrial complex has now been wiped off the map. Here’s a historical tribute and demolition photos.

• RESTORED HOLDENS – HG MONARO GTS 350 – a totally faithful rebirth into a beautiful GTS 350 tribute. • RESTORED HOLDENS – HR PREMIER – a glorious bare-metal restoration.

• 1925 INSIDE HOLDEN – Holden’s new mega industrial complex at Woodville (Adelaide), probably the largest in the southern hemisphere. Marvellous 1925 photos: in the nickel plating polishing room and seat and trim construction room.

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