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Product Details
Manufacturer: Motormania
Type: Magazine
Specs: Full colour; 100 pages
Foreward: A must for all Monaro enthusiasts!
Price: $9.95
Dispatched within 3 days

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Just Holdens HK MONARO 40th ANNIVERSARY - Special Collectors' Issue This annual MONARO magazine celebrates the mighty HK GTS 327 and is packed with material craved by every Monaro enthusiast such as...

- Secret GM-H design drawings

- A look at Bathurst 1968 where the HK Monaro defied the odds to defeat the Falcon GTs

- An interview with racing hero BOB JANE regarding his HT GTS 350

- 8 great feature Monaros; HK 327, HK 307, HG 308, HQ 308 coupe, HZ GTS 5-litre plus two wild drag Monaros .

Also included is invaluable V.I.N. information to assist restorers and enthusiasts to authenticate what their HK Monaro actually is.

This magazine is produced to the highest standards with higher quality paper, special coating on the front cover, book binding and a giant fold out poster almost two-feet wide. It is truly a must, stocks are running low so don't miss out.NEW ZEALAND READERS! We cannot accept orders for magazines to New Zealand from this website due to the prohibitive cost of A$10 postage per magazine. The only way you can buy a magazine direct from us is direct by email with us via office@cargoodies.com.au and postage of A$10 per magazine will apply.

NEW ZEALAND CUSTOMERS! Please note that New Zealand Subscriptions are no longer possible.


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