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Product Details
Manufacturer: Motormania
Code: MM-CS-A9X2
Type: Magazine
Specs: Full colour; 100 pages
Foreward: A must for all Torana enthusiasts!
Price: $9.85
Dispatched within 3 days

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Just Holdens TORANA A9X 1979 - Special Collectors' Issue Commemorating the most famous of all Bathurst victories, 1979. Relive great memories or learn about our history; Bathurst 1979 Race Report, Interviews with Bob Morris, Jim Richards, John Harvey, John Sheppard, Garry Rogers. A magnificent photo shoot of Peter Brocks actual Bathurst 1979 A9X, never before seen GMH archival photos, a current-day A9X Hatchback road car. PLUS a double-sided poster inside - Side A: Bob Morris Australian Touring Car Champion; Side B: Torana Tribute.NEW ZEALAND READERS! We cannot accept orders for magazines to New Zealand from this website due to the prohibitive cost of A$10 postage per magazine. The only way you can buy a magazine direct from us is direct by email with us via office@cargoodies.com.au and postage of A$10 per magazine will apply.

NEW ZEALAND CUSTOMERS! Please note that New Zealand Subscriptions are no longer possible.


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