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Product Details
Manufacturer: Motormania
Code: MM-JH34
Type: Magazine
Specs: 100 pages. Full colour
Foreward: 100 pages. Full colour
Price: $8.92
Dispatched within 3 days

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Just Holdens Magazine Issue 16


JUST HOLDENS Issue 25 - ‘70s GOOD TIMES! SANDMAN, MONARO GTS & TORANA XU1 – plus EH Premier, FE Special and more!

JUST HOLDENS Issue 34 - GMH 70th Anniversary Special Edition A 70-year retrospective, the highlights from each decade way back to 1948 and that famous day when the very first Holden car rolled off the Fishermen's Bend assembly line on November 29.

Containing extensive features storiess from that time…

- Test drives and reports: "Its fast, it has terrific acceleration, its quiet and its economical"

-GM-H sales literature and advertisements

-Genuine GM-H 1948 Promotional booklet reproduction - "WE ARE GM-H, 1948"

>Fishermen's Bend falls. The end of Australian production means the end of Fishermen's Bend. All the original buildings have gone under the wrecking ball. We've been there capturing the ongoing demolition.

>CENTRESPREAD, an actual authentic 1948 GM-H full colour advertisement-MADE IN AUSTRALIA

>HQ GTS MONARO Coupe: a stunning original survivor in one of GM-H's most eye-popping colours, Sunburst Metallic

>XU-1 RESURRECTION RACER: this fantastic little Torana is one of those rare specials - a genuine race car from the 1970s and actually hassled the biggest names of the day. Lost for decades it turned up for sale as an ordinary road registered Torana - then history discovered, returned to its racing glory - and driven on the street!

>Holden archive photos from inside the factories. 1939 GM-H's Woodville. 1960 GM-H Pagewood.

>CENTREFOLD EXTRA GIANT POSTER: a giant actual Holden / ACDelco promotional poster

>>FREE POSTAGE anywhere in Australia! JUST HOLDENS is for you, genuine Holden enthusiasts! Always featuring Holdens glory years from 1948 and beyond with lots of historic stories and photos, and specifications: never-before-seen! Only JUST HOLDENS MAGAZINE brings you the history and information you will never see anywhere else. We are Australian owned and printed.

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